Sifat mekanik h-BN nanosheet untuk aplikasi nano-diodes dan nano-transistors


  • Jacob Febryadi Nithanel Dethan Universitas Buddhi Dharma


MD simulation, h-BN nanosheet, mechanical properties


The mechanical properties of h-BN nanosheet have been studied using molecular dynamics simulation method. In this research, the complex interatomic potential of the "Reactive Force Field" is used to refine the interaction between boron and nitrogen atoms. This potential was chosen because research results from previous researchers chose to use simple potential such as the Tersoff potential. The results obtained show that h-BN nanosheet in armchair configuration has better tensile load resistance compared to h-BN nanosheet with zigzag configuration. This can be used as a clarification of the contradictory results in the literature so far. In this research it was also found that the resistance of h-BN nanosheet to tensile loads experienced a decrease when the temperature was increased from 200 K to 500 K. It is hoped that the results of this study will be used as an important consideration in the design and fabrication process of nano-diodes and nano-transistors based on h-BN nanosheet.


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