Journal Name   : e-LinguaTera
ISSN   : EISSN. 2797-2666, PISSN. 2797-3913
DOI   : 10.31253/pronounce
Journal Manager   : Irpan Ali Rahman, S.S, M.Pd
Chief in Editor   : Iwan, S.Pd, M.M, M.Pd
Publication Frequency   : 6 bulanan (setahun 2 kali terbitan)
Publisher   : Fakultas Sosial & Humaniora
Indexing   : Google Scholar
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The Pronounce Journal is open access published by the Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. of Buddhi Dharma University. Pronounce's main goal is to provide a platform for academics, researchers and students to share contemporary thinking in the field of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture Studies.