The Speech Act Analysis of Talk of Minang Community in Tangerang


  • Adrallisman - Universitas Buddhi Dharma
  • Iwan - Universitas Buddhi Dharma



Expressive, Commissive, Representative, Declarative




The purposes of conducting this research are to find the types of speech acts and the dominant type of speech acts found in the data. The data were collected from the interview the researchers had with the respondent who is engaged in Tangerang and a member of Minang community. This research employs descriptive qualitative method. In this regard, the data collected are qualitative. Searle’s classifications of speech acts (2005) are applied. Based on the data analysis, the researchers have found that all of the types of speech acts. Based on the research findings, the researchers have found that the Expressives have happened four times. The Commissives have happened three times. The Representatives have happened once. The Directives have happened once. The Declaratives have happened once. Therefore, the dominant type of speech acts is the expressive.