The Influence Of Product Quality, Trust, And Customer Satisfaction On Pd Customers' Purchasing Decisions. Kembar Jaya Agung


  • Arnold Candranaga Universitas Buddhi Dharma


Product, Quality, Customer Trust, Customer Satisfaction, Purchase


In this study sample amounted to 100 respondents. Data is a questionnaires, and data processing in this study using  APP SPSS. Method is used quantitative, which is a method of collecting data, research instruments regarding the factors to be studied. The data testing technique used in this study uses validity tests, reliability tests with alpha cronbach. Multiple linear regression analysis test, r test, t test, and f test to test the research hypothesis. The results of multiple linear regression obtained the formula  meaning that if there is no decrease or increase from variables X1, X2, and X3, then variable Y amounts to 15.931. hypothesis testing research result use t testing or F testing, where ttable (1.66088) must be less than tcount and Ftable (2.70) must be less Fcalculate,  So that this variable can be declared to have


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