The Influence Of Leadership Style, Teamwork, And Communication On Employee Performance, Case Study On PT Bintang Karunia Abadi


  • Devi Eldiyanti Universitas Buddhi Dharma


Leadership Style, Teamwork, Communication, Employee Performance


The purpose of this study is to find out how the influence of leadership style, teamwork, and communication on employee performance at PT Bintang Karunia Abadi. In conducting this research, descriptive and quantitative method were used. From the results of the analysis the authors obtain the following results. From multiple linear regression analysis, the equation Y = 5,378 – 0.528X1 + 0.170X2 + 1.238X3 + e means that if Leadership Style (X1), Teamwork (X2), and Communication (X3) experience an increase or decrease by 1 point, then Employee Performance (Y) will increase or decrease by -0.528, 0.170, and 1.238. Based on the hypothesis test, the t(count) value for leadership style (X1) is 0,152 < t(table) 2,0322 thus Ho is accepted and Ha is rejected, teamwork (X2) is 2,206 > t(table) 2,0322 thus Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted, and communication (X3) of 5,941 > t(table) 2,0322 thus Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted. While the results of the F test obtained a F(count) value of 20,717 with a significant level of 0.00 where F(count) was greater than F(table) of 2.89. Thus there is a simultaneous influence between leadership styles, teamwork, and communication on employee performance.


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